Holiday Greetings from Gordie, Marilyn, Sally and all the staff at Telegraph Cove Resort.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t handle any more years like the last two! I’m getting too long in the tooth.

We started out by removing the old Tide Rip office and built a building large enough to house a large cooler and walk-in freezer. The barbecue area along the side of this building was upgraded. We tore up a section of the boardwalk and replaced it. Mud everywhere!

Alex and I milled three logging truck loads of yellow cedar for the hotel. Robert and Natasha stained all the board and batton for the exterior of the hotel. Lots of huge timbers for inside were also milled. Our little Woodmizer mill sure paid its way.

We are redecking the outside of the restaurant and pub and will be replacing the old siding on the Wastell Manor and house 23.

We reactivated an old well we had in the campground, incorporating the very expensive treatments that are regulated now. We put in a new line from the well to the hotel.

The cost of operating just keeps going up and never ends. Its a good thing all the bureaucrats weren’t here when our ancestors first arrived.

Taso and Tanya have been very busy getting new programs in place and streamlining all parts of our operation.

Roger and Alex are working on the coffee shop extension. There will be pizza and a larger, menu. Leslie will be a very busy boy!

Fishing was very hot and cold this year. There was lots of excellent coho and prawn fishing on the mainland in late August and September. The interesting fact is there were some good returns of spring and coho to the Nimpkish and Kokish rivers. Maybe El Nino is keeping them deep and below where we’re fishing.

The whale numbers just keep growing. There’s still both Humpback and Orca outside the Cove. The Whale Centre put up two whales this year. A very large killer whale (named after Eileen-Gordie’s mother who donated the money for the restoration), and a Humpback whale. The building is running out of room, but looks quite magnificent!

There was a cougar spotted next door this morning. We haven’t seen our deer for a few days. They’ve probably moved until the threat is gone.

I had a couple good hunting trips. Family and friends won’t go hungry.

We’re having a Christmas get together on the fifteenth for our staff and neighbors.

We are experiencing a bit of typical cold winter weather, but no snow. It blew 90 km/hr a week ago and these winds are forecast again for tonight.

We look forward to the coming season and the return of visitors from Canada and around the world. You are what this is all about!

Wishing good health and happiness to all.