Welcome to the TCR Wireless page for the local community near Telegraph Cove Resort.

We have installed enterprise wireless and connected a Fibre gateway to our organization.

If you wish to enroll in our wireless offerings, please review the following:

Short Range Home / Residence

If you are within 200M of Telegraph Cove, your home will likely already see the resorts wifi, and allow you to transmit without the need for equipment. You will need to login and purchase time on the network by connecting to Telegraph Cove Community Wifi.

Long Range Home / Residence

In order to hook houses up that are outside of 200M from telegraph cove, your home requires a one-time purchased component to connect to our high speed tower. The one time cost for the gear and install is $600.00 and requires a scheduled install. This connection is recommended for most residents.


  •   $65: 20MB/s per month (30 days) 
  • $330: 20MB/s for 6 months (prepay)
  • $600: 20MB/s for 1 Year (Prepay) 

Where do I sign-up?