The Blinkhorn (Dave Farrant) Trail starts at our Forest Campground and leads through the mountains above Telegraph Cove. Named after its builder, Dave Farrant, this track winds it way up through the impressive world of the rain forest, crossing log bridges, leading uphill over rope assisted short passages and through magical beds of moss to the famous viewpoint overlooking Johnstone Straight and the islands.



Dave fell in love with this area some fifty years ago. In his free time, he spend countless hours hiking the forest high above Telegraph Cove, exploring what lays behind the next ridge or the next valley.



When Telegraph Cove’s owner Gordie Graham asked him later to build a trail all the way up to the viewpoint, now only a short one-hour hike from the campground through a safe environment, Dave Farrent went right to the task. He roped himself to a tree and descended over a cliff in order to cut down trees which were interfering with the views.




From here, the trail winds itself down to the Blinkhorn Peninsula. Allow 4 hours for a round trip, or one hour from the campground to the viewpoint.