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"HOORAY!!! After 17 years. you are now allowed to KEEP 2 coho per day, all season"

**You are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and obtain your fishing licenses ahead of time before you arrive at Telegraph Cove Resort & Campground to go fishing.
To obtain your fishing license today.
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The fishing areas around Telegraph Cove are not only surrounded by spectacular scenery and sheltered waters, but also contain some of the most consistent salt water sports fishing on the BC coast. Most new fishermen to the area are amazed and delighted at how calm the waters are the majority of the season.

As salmon migrate down between Vancouver Island and the BC coast, they funnel down through Johnstone Straits. All of this great fishing is within 20 minutes of our harbour here at Telegraph Cove.

fishing telegraph cove resort
wes craven fishing telegraph cove resort

Over the years, we've had some tremendous catches, like the 68lb Chinook Wes Rogers of Portland Oregon caught at Malcolm Island. (see photo left)

Our Chinook fishing starts in May and carries on to the middle of September. Pinks start arriving in early July and are here until early September. Sockeye arrive late July and last till late August. We have always been a great Coho (silvers) area, but our Department of Fisheries and Oceans have decided to close our area to retention of Coho even though they have been extremely abundant. We do not know when our area will be open to Coho again but you can check for updates through the 'Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Fishing Regulations' link to the left. Last 2 years coho have been open to August 1

We also have guests that come here fly fishing for salmon (pink, and sockeye) in the salt water and have excellent fishing. Halibut, Ling Cod and Yellow-eye Rockfish are the preferred bottom fish for anglers around Telegraph. We've had halibut to 264 lbs, ling cod to 72 lbs and Yellow-eye to 32 lbs weighing in at our resort over the years. Crabbing and prawning can also be very good in the surrounding waters.

The main emphasis of our resort is fishermen coming and "doing their own thing". We're always more than happy to show you how to catch the different fish species in our area, and if you don't have your own boat, we have guides and charter boats with experienced skippers ready to take you out for a great day on the water. We also have a well-stocked tackle shop at the resort located in the General Store that can handle freezer bait, other baits, and fish bags for you catch. The tackle shop can also offer advice on what to use for the best results out on the water. Flash-freezing facilities are available for your convenience.

children fishing at telegraph cove resort
We encourage family fishing. Children love to fish off our docks !

Fishing Licenses are available at Office - *CASH ONLY*.

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